How to choose the color temperature of LED light in home decoration ?

Recently, a customer told us his experience and planned to replace the original lamps and buy led downlights from us for re installation
"Because there was no common sense of color temperature in the purchase section, and there was no detailed consultation, I bought a 4500k white light model. Results after installing the newly bought led downlight in each area of the home, we found that it was not the effect we wanted. For example, in the bedroom, the cool color after the light is turned on is very uncomfortable. I feel that the light and color are a little warmer and more agreeable! "
Expected effect (situation diagram), Hope to create a warm bedroom like below: Decoration light effort

However, the actual effect seems not as good as imagined, without considering the functionality of the bedroom, we used 4500k white light model to get a "cold" bedroom. (schematic diagram of the situation): Store-LED-Light effort Day white

See here, I believe you can also feel the loss of owners. I didn't expect that the color temperature of lamps and lanterns had such a great influence! In fact, this is no exaggeration. The following figure shows that in the same home decoration space, only changing the color temperature of the main lighting lamp LED downlight, the lighting atmosphere and effect will vary greatly. Store-LED Lighting Color temperature

Since the color temperature has such a great influence on the home decoration atmosphere, we must pay more attention to the color temperature in the selection. Different color temperature of LED:
Low color temperature: the color temperature is about 2500k-3300k, giving people a warm and warm visual effect, also known as warm color temperature.
Medium color temperature: the color temperature is between 3000-6000k, which is neutral color temperature, also known as positive white light. It is easy for people to have a sense of lucidity and easy for efficient operation.
High color temperature: the color temperature exceeds 6000K, giving people a cool feeling, which is commonly known as "cold color temperature".

Before you buy led downlights, you must determine the color temperature of the expected effect in each area of home decoration. How to choose the color temperature of each area? Color temperature is closely related to the functionality of the region.


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