How to choose the color temperature of LED Lights for each area at home?

Living room
The living room area can use low color temperature lamps (about 2500k-3500k), which is more convenient to cooperate with the environment to create a warm and luxurious feeling. In addition, due to the variety of lamps used in the living room, attention should be paid to maintain the unity of color temperature to avoid clutter. For example, if the LED downlight uses a warm color temperature, then the light band and ceiling lamp also need to choose a warm color temperature to achieve harmony. Store-Living room LED Light color

Bedroom should choose low color temperature lamps (2500k-3500k), can create a warm, warm, comfortable feeling, easy to rest activities. It should be noted that the bedroom lamps must be anti dazzle performance good, otherwise, a lie down may be "bright blind." Store-Bedroom LED Lighting Color

Study room
The study room is suitable for the use of neutral color temperature led downlight (4000k-4500k positive white light), with the help of such a positive white light, help to keep a clear mind, focus, beneficial to the efficiency of reading and work. Store-Study room lighting effort color temperature

The bathroom
It is suggested that lamps with neutral color temperature (4000k-4500k) should be used in bathroom, and the color rendering index should be high (RA ≥ 90). Taking into account the needs of residents to make up and wash in front of the mirror, if they use warm color and warm lamps, or low display type, it is easy to produce "color difference", causing problems such as too thick makeup and too deep color selection, which brings inconvenience to life. store-bathroom led lighting color temperature

Attention should be paid to color temperature and color tolerance
Now, we all know what color temperature to choose for each household area, but there is one more thing to remind you - when selecting the type, we suggest that you use lamps with small color tolerance. The smaller the color tolerance is, the higher the accuracy of the color temperature of lamps is, and the more realistic the color of light is. On the contrary, it means that the color tolerance is too large, and the color temperature is not true. The "critical point" is 5 SDCM.

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