LED power selection, your home space LED lamp wattage choice right?

Now the home decoration pays more attention to the lighting design, in addition to the general lighting, mainly uses the lamps and lanterns decoration, has the light to beautify the room space, optimizes the warm family life. So, how many watt lamps should be chosen for each space of the home?

Living room - bright
60-450w, the living room area generally accounts for the main proportion of the total area of the house, so the lighting wattage requirements are relatively high, and it is particularly important to make the living room transparent, bright and generous on the premise of ensuring lighting.

Bedroom - soft and warm
13-50w, the light of the bedroom is soft, easy to create a warm atmosphere; There should be no dazzling light, in order to make it easier for people to enter the sleep state, so the required light wattage is low.

Kitchen - bright enough
3-38w, because people will work in the kitchen for different lengths of time, cutting vegetables and other subtle actions require higher lighting. Not only to ensure that the kitchen does not leave dark areas, but also to reduce cooking.

Senior housing - high wattage
25-100w, the vision of the elderly is weakened, and the light they feel is far less than that of the young. Old people need brighter lights to see things clearly, so they need to choose the lights with higher wattage.

Children's room - low wattage
13-70w, the children's room needs to choose soft lighting, too bright room lighting will stimulate the eyes and affect sleep, and low brightness lighting is conducive to cultivate children's sleepiness, so we should choose low wattage lighting.

Balcony - soft lighting
8-25w, the balcony area is relatively small, but also a necessary space to meet the perfect home life, and is a place for a rest in sunny weather. Therefore, it is necessary to decorate it with appropriate lighting tile number.

The above is Asimal.com Store needle each indoor space (living room, balcony, kitchen, children's room) respectively introduced the scope of the purchase of LED lights, hope to help you in the purchase of LED lights

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