What impact does smart home bring to our life

In recent years, the degree of smart home has been paid attention to a straight-line trend. Smart home has changed the way of life, which has brought many positive effects on our lives. So, what positive impact does smart home bring to our life?

1. More security
The importance of home security for a family is self-evident, so intelligent security has become the most popular one in smart home.

The smart cat eye is installed on the home security door to replace the traditional cat eye. Compared with the traditional cat eye, the smart cat eye has a wider visual range, infrared night vision function, and can be connected to WiFi. No matter where you are, you can monitor the situation at your door. It has the functions of anti-theft prying, automatic alarm, infrared night vision, automatic capture / video, and can SOS one button for help, mobile phone call, It supports visiting messages and video calls. The anti-theft effect is far superior to the traditional cat's eye, guarding the security of your door.

2. Energy conservation

emission reduction and environmental protection
Smart home products have a great influence on energy conservation and emission reduction.

The intelligent home lighting system makes full use of the lighting function of natural light, automatically adjusts the brightness of lamps, and reduces the energy consumption to the minimum while ensuring the indoor brightness. For toilets, storage rooms and other places, it can make the lights come on and go out, which is convenient for users' daily life, On the other hand, it can also prevent users from forgetting to turn off the lights in time and causing waste.

3. Convenience
With the improvement of people's living standards, there are more and more electrical appliances in people's homes. Each room is equipped with a light TV and a living room. The TV has to be equipped with a set-top box, DVD, audio, etc. if every device needs a remote control to control, I want to watch TV. The time of looking for the remote control has made people lose interest in watching TV


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