What is the difference between Asimal LED Tube lamp and ordinary Fluorescent tube lamp?

1. The environmental protection effect is different
Ordinary lamps contain a lot of mercury vapor, if broken mercury vapor will volatilize to the atmosphere. However, LED fluorescent lamps basically do not use mercury, and LED products do not contain lead, which plays a role in maintaining the environment. LED fluorescent lamp is recognized as the green lighting in the 21st century.
2. Fever is different
Ordinary lamps will produce a lot of heat energy when they are used, while LED lamps convert all electric energy into light energy, which will not form waste of energy. And for documents, clothes will not fade.
3. The voltage is different
The ordinary lamp is lit by the high voltage released by the rectifier. When the voltage decreases, it cannot be lit. The LED lamp can be lit within a certain range of voltage, but also adjust the brightness.
4. Different service life
The power consumption of LED lamp is less than one third of that of ordinary lamp, and its service life is 10 times of that of ordinary lamp. It can be used for a long time without changing, reducing labor costs, and is more suitable for places where it is difficult to change.

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Advantages of Asimal.com LED lamp:
1. Environment friendly lamps and lanterns
Traditional fluorescent tubes contain a lot of mercury vapor, if broken, mercury vapor will volatilize into the atmosphere, causing pollution. But the LED lamp does not use mercury at all, and the LED products do not contain lead and other harmful substances. The shell can also be recycled, which has no destructive effect on the environment. LED lamp is recognized as the green lighting of the 21st century.
2. Less fever
Traditional lamps are made of tungsten wire, which will produce a lot of heat energy. The luminous efficiency of LED lamps has reached 140lm / W, and the light conversion rate is high. The surface temperature of the products is below 60 ℃, which will not produce ultraviolet rays, and will not fade documents and clothes.
3. No noise
LED lamps will not produce noise, for the use of precision electronic instruments for the occasion is the best choice. Suitable for library, office and other occasions.
4. Protect your eyes
Traditional fluorescent lamps use alternating current, so they produce 100-120 flashes per second. LED lamp works with constant current of LED, which can directly convert alternating current to direct current, effectively reduce LED light decay, start fast, no flicker, and protect eyes.

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