What kind of light bulb is not easy to break? Let the LED bulb tell you
  • I believe that everyone knows very well about ordinary bulbs, almost every family has used incandescent bulbs. In recent years, LED energy saving lamps have occupied many family markets. Today we bring you a new term LED bulb lamp.
  • I believe that friends who have not contacted LED lamps seldom hear the term, so we can change the popular name - led bulb. Yes, the shape of LED bulb lamp is not different from that of ordinary incandescent lamp. The different is that the internal light source chooses LED bulb. LED bulb lamp has all the advantages of LED lamps: energy saving, green and environmental protection, high stability, high energy consumption, long life, no flicker, eye protection, etc.

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  • A standard LED bulb consists of seven components. According to the order from top to bottom, the top is the glass cover, and under the glass cover is a base, which is used to fix the cover. There will be a hole on the base. The base is connected with the heat conduction base, and the heat conduction base is connected with the radiator. The driving power is connected to the head. After the power is driven, the lamp beads can emit light.
  • The highest cost of a bulb can be said to be the driving power supply. Without this driving, the lamp will not be on. For the quality of a bulb, the most important thing is the radiator, the driving power and the lamp bead.
  • The core components of an LED bulb are the driving power supply and the lamp bead, which are directly related to whether the bulb can be lit. And the quality of an LED bulb is good or bad, usually with the radiator, lamp beads, driving power. The radiator determines the service life and stability, and the lamp bead and driving power supply guarantee the luminous efficiency.

At present, LED bulb lamp has been very energy-saving, under the same brightness conditions, the energy consumption of bulb lamp has been reduced to 1 / 8 of incandescent lamp and 1 / 2 of electronic energy-saving lamp. Green environmental protection, energy saving, this is the trend of the future lighting industry, these advantages of LED bulb will make it completely replace the traditional lighting bulb in the near future.

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