Bluetooth Smart Key Lock Box

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  • ☎【Smart Key Box】: No need to install, APP remote management lock box, you can put the key and other items into the lock box, according to your needs to customize the password and authorization time, the authorized person can take out the key according to the password provided, super long standby, USB charging.
  • ☎【Multiple Password Modes】: You can set a permanent password, a temporary password for a period of time, or an authorized periodic password. For example, the password is only valid every Tuesday, so you can easily cope with various scenarios.
  • ☎【Safety Design】: IP65 waterproof, can deal with the limit environment of minus 30 degrees, anti prying and anti-theft, easy to deal with violent damage, stainless steel + silicone material, strong security.
  • ☎【Internal Large Space】: The internal dimension is 3.42*2.95*1.37 inches, and can be easily put into all kinds of keys, access cards, bank cards and other items.
  • ☎【Wide Application】: The smart key box can be used in families, hotels, schools and various rental occasions. Even if you are not at home, you can also authorize friends, cleaners or real estate agents to get the keys, which is very convenient. We will provide you with the best after-sales service.
Installation: Do-it-Yourself installation
Product Finish: Black
Wireless type: Bluetooth
Open modes: Bluetooth, Password
Material: Stainless Steel
Product size: Height 171mm*Width 92mm*4.2mm
Warranty:1-year replacement
Function: Bluetooth Smart Key Lock Box, Three Password Modes, Unlock Record Query, APP Remote Authorization Unlock

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