DMX512 RGB LED Point Light Source Wall Decorative Lighting decoration Outdoor IP68 Exterior Decorative Spot lamp-house DC24V Pointolite

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Product: LED Point Light Source
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LED Point Light Source (Used for Exterior wall lighting decoration)
Size: Diameter 80mm * height 20mm
Input voltage: DC24 V
Rated power: 3W / Piece
Sanan chip, smd5050, 12 lamps / piece
Luminous flux: 180LM / piece
Color temperature: RGB illusion. Support breakpoint continuation
Wiring mode: double terminal. The distance between the two lamps is 1m
Material: transparent flat mask
Package: neutral package, 20 pieces / String
Each lamp is equipped with an IC, and the whole series of lights can achieve the effects of chasing, running, running water, gradual change, etc
Waterproof: IP68


About LED Controller: K-1000C LED Controller is the recommended LED Controller to be used together with the LED Point light source. Each Controller for 200pcs LED Point Light sources.
Other suitable LED Controllers are optional, Clients can prepare by themselves.

About LED Power Supply: Each LED Point Light source is 3W, 20pcs/string.


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