Smart Toilet Seat Cover with Clean Dry Seat-heating

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SKU: 21902004-model-1-long-black-china-220v-230v

Model: Model 1 Long Black
Voltage: 220V-230V
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  • All other models have functions of hip wash, female wash, child wash, moving wash (massage), 4 gears water temperature adjustment, 4 gears drying temperature adjustment, 4 gears seat temperature adjustment, water pressure adjustment, nozzle position adjustment, night light, and so on.
  • Different Models with Difference available for choice:
  • 1). Model 1, model 2 and model 3 have choice of long size and short size. Model 1 has choice of long size with childseat. Other models haven't this choice.
  • 2). Model with double nozzle has choice of double stainless steel nozzles and double ABS nozzle (adding silver ion to sterilization), bubble washing, ceramics rod heating, temperature is more stable and washing is more comfortable.
  • 3). model with function of automatical opening and closing cover and seat has two way for opening and closing: one way - auto open and close when user is near and leaving, second way - with remote control to control open and close.
  • 4). model 1 and model 2 shipped from China can customize language (English/Chinese dual language, English/Russia dual language), can customize models with 110V and 220v-240v, and different plug.Pipe length can be extended, if you need, please contact us.
  • 5). Model 4 and Model 5 - water heating principle is ceramic rod heating, the water temperature is more stable, and the bubble washing formed by the mixing ratio of water and gas will not produce a tingling sensation, softer and more comfortable. Double deodorization effect is better, keeping your bathroom fresh.

Smart toilet seat cover electronic bidet cover clean dry seat heating wc intelligent toilet seat cover child seat
Buffer Cover plate: Yes
Power Source: AC
Toilet Seat Material: Acrylic
Remote Control: Included
Toilet Seat Type: Closed Front

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